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Kyla Arndt, LA, CLT

Kyla Arndt is a licensed Professional Medical Aesthetician and Cosmetic Laser Practitioner for the State of Colorado.  She brings with her 6 years of experience in skin care, advanced esthetics, and makeup artistry.  She has a true passion for the health and beauty industry and brings her expertise to educating clients.  Kyla received her Laser License from the National Laser Institute and has various certificates within the field.  She is a results-oriented professional who takes pride in her industry and truly believes in the power of treating skin with care.

Specializing in facials, peels, microdermabrasion, waxing and Viora reaction treatments, Kyla is the perfect choice to be your skin care therapist.

*The examples and claims made on this site are taken from personal experience. Since everyone’s body types differ, please note that your results may vary.