Our Medical Services

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy


 Bio-identical hormones are non-synthetic, plant-based hormones that are identical biologically to human hormones.  

Selene Touch Vaginal Laser


 Are you experiencing a loss of control in the intimate areas of your life? Do you rely on creams, lotions and pills to provide relief for your vaginal discomforts? Or do you just suffer through it all? 

Botox Treatments


 BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected in a very dilute form. There is not just one injection, but several small ones to ensure precise delivery to only the muscles we want to treat. No anesthesia is required and the procedure takes less than 30 minutes. 

Dermal Fillers


 Dermal fillers are another option to treat signs of aging.  

Viora V20


 We want you to look and feel your best so you can reach your true potential. We are proud to perform treatments with Viora.