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Samantha M.

 I have had hormone trouble for years. At the age of 25, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Endometriosis, and Anemia. I ended up having a complete hysterectomy at the age of 26. Now, I am a 43 years old. I have taken different hormone pills over the years. I've struggled for so long with so many problems because of having my surgery at such a young ago. Also, I've tried different methods to feel better. It has been a struggle! Until, I was introduced to BioTE. I had my reservations before getting my first injection. I did research and spoke with Olivia, Miranda and Sheri Kembel, DNP about all of my concerns. They were very helpful. 

So, the day came and I got my first injection.I kept wondering how this would affect me. About two days after my first injection, I woke up and had energy. I live a very busy lifestyle. So needing energy is very important. Then slowly as the weeks went by, it seemed like everything was getting better. My knees are really sore all the time because I've fallen on them several times. My elbows and hands also hurt because I type and work with my hands a lot. After about three weeks, the soreness went away. I have been able to sleep better and I wake up feeling refreshed. My mental clarity is amazing! I can remember things that happened last month or even last year. Also, I don't feel like such a zombie when I go to work, and I'm able to get more done.  I also have allergies extremely bad. I've had to use allergy pills, nose spray, inhalers and eyedrops for years. Using BioTE has helped with my allergies as well. I'm down to one pill per day. I still struggle with them. However, it is more manageable now that I've decided to use BioTE. 

My other half, has even noticed the difference in me. It is because I feel overall better! I’ve had two pellet procedures and I definitely feel so much better. It does take about ten days to kick in for me. However when it does kick in, I can surely tell the difference. The pellets are all natural and non-synthetic. That means they aren't damaging to my body. On the other side of this, I don't have to remember to take my hormone pill every day because I have completely stopped my hormone pills! I look forward to many more years of BioTE. I am so thankful that this hormone treatment is available for me. I am grateful for Olivia, Miranda and Sheri Kembel, DNP for sharing this opportunity with me because it has changed my life. I would recommend BioTE to anyone!  


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